We build, launch & speed commercialization of urbantech start-ups.

Cities are at inflection point. Rapid urbanization, failing infrastructure, and climate change are putting tremendous stress on our urban communities.

At the same time, digitization, advances in material science, AI, and cloud, offer an incredible opportunity to disrupt the way we design, build, and operate cities.

Today, we now can—and must—improve the livability, operations, and resilience of cities. That is our goal, our purpose, our mission: build smarter, live better.

We’re here to help entrepreneurs re-invent the world—one company, one building, one city at a time.  

And we’d like to begin with you.

We are a new class of business accelerator to take the best ideas and inventions in civil infrastructure and technology, and transform them into high-performing growth businesses, that improve the livability, operations, and resilience of cities.



1. Identify and speed commercialization of the most promising ideas and companies focussed on improving how we design, build, and operate civil infrastructure; ​

2. Support business development and growth strategy development for start-ups, emerging companies, and even mature ventures.

3. Foster local and regional economic development.